The Beginner’s Guide to Online Security and Anonymity

Ultimate Guide

When it comes to securing your online activities the first thing that comes to mind is surfing the net anonymously isn’t it? Now while it does matter it is not all and plus not everyone can always afford it either. There is more to online security than that and to help you understand it better here is a must read guide.

Password Management

Irrespective of where or for what you are creating an account I would suggest you always use a strong password and if your password is going to include your name, birth date etc. well then you are far from it.

Pick random ones and make sure they are unique for each site. Now I know keeping track of so many passwords can be tough and this where good password managers such as LastPass, KeePass, and 1Password come in handy.

Also make sure you do not keep easy password hints. With a password manager you won’t need these hints thus make sure you keep them as misleading as possible.

Browse securely

Well now that your passwords are secure it is time to upgrade your browsing security as well and for that first and foremost thing you need to do is download an HTTPS extension for your browser. Using HTTPS keeps all your info secure on all shopping, social sites etc.

Also always remember to log out properly once you are done using your facebook, twitter or any other account. I know this sounds quite basic but think about how often do you take the most basic of things for granted before realizing its impact.

Apart from that anonymity too plays an important role and the best way to stay anonymous is by opting for a good and reliable VPN service or switch to a Tor browser. Also if you spend a lot of time downloading stuff BT Guard or a Seedbox connection is a must.

Improve network security

Browser check now time to move on to your network security. To secure your network the most basic thing you can do is remember to update your OS and other security softwares like your antivirus etc.

These updates are not always about new features but are sometimes solutions to certain loopholes and thankfully updating is not a very difficult process either. Most softwares update automatically but it is good to give it a check once in a while. Also remember to keep a backup of everything you store on your pc.

Use public Wi-Fi securely

Usually I would not recommend you connect your laptop or even your phone to a public Wi-Fi but in case you have no choice always make sure you are using HTTPS even for the smallest of things. Also shut down sharing options.

Every time you leave home make sure you turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi option so it does not connect automatically. Follow these tips and surf safely.

Wondering which VPN service to choose?

When it comes to getting a VPN it is important that they actually take your anonymity seriously and if you look up online you will find loads of VPN service providers that guarantee it but believe it or not all of them are not as anonymous as they say. There a few that keep your IP address logged for days or even weeks. So how do you choose the right VPN service? Well to make things easier for you we have covered 5 tried and tested VPN providers you must check out.


Private Internet Access

Well the best part about private internet access is that they do not maintain any kind of logs and nor do they monitor your traffic and also provide you lot of encryption options as well. They run their services from outside US.

You can pay them either through PayPal, google play, OKpay, CashU or even a gift card. Though there are plenty of anonymous ways to sign up and pay but I would suggest you stick to either bitcoin or ripple.

IP Vanish

IPVanish, quite a nice name for a VPN provider isn’t it? And yes they do exactly as the name suggests. There is no traffic log maintained thus ensuring anonymity. They have their main branch in the US and thus function under its regulations.

For encryption purposes they provide OpenVPN which is actually the best protocol. You also have the option of choosing between TCP and UD. They accept almost every credit card or you can pay them through PayPal too.


Though their headquarters is situated in the US they are available in more than 20 countries now and yes you do not have to worry about records not even for a minute. For optimum safety I would suggest you go with OpenVPN.

They accept all kinds of bank cards, PayPal and also bitcoin and though you are asked for some of your details when checking out none of it can be traced back to you and are just ways to filter out spammers so relax.

Viking VPN

Once again there are no records kept and thus there is no way of tracing any of your data back to you. They are placed in US as well. To sign up for any of the plans you will need a credit since that’s all they accept for now and though they share some billing information in case you really want to avoid it I would suggest you pay using a pre-paid card.


Another big player in the market is IVPN and yes they too are equally serious about your privacy and thus save no logs or any other kind info that can be traced back to you and once again you have the choice of opting for OpenVPN for encryption so go for it.

You can pay them using bitcoin, paypal, or even cash. They have their headquarters in Malta but are available is various other countries including the US.

Got a VPN? Here’s How to Make it More Secure!

Yes there was a time most of us would not consider spending on a VPN but with anonymity and internet privacy becoming a priority getting a VPN is not a luxury but rather more of a necessity. But is a simple VPN really secure? In case you have any kind of doubts here are some ways you can improve the security of your VPN.

So you got a VPN and it all seems fantastic until one day while you are out on a holiday strangely something causes your VPN to disconnect and your IP address becomes visible to everybody. Well doesn’t it all seem like such a waste? Well the good news here is that there are ways to avoid this.

Now there are a couple of ways you could do it but those will need a lot of manual configuration  and seriously not all us are willing to spend so much time on it right? So here are some alternatives you can try out.



Got windows on your system? Well then VPNETMON is just the thing you need. Wondering how it works? Well this software keeps an eye on your IP address and in case it cannot find your VPN connection it immediately shuts down certain programs.

All of this happens in a flash thus there is no way any of those programs get connected using your original IP address thus securing your anonymity


This too is quite similar to the program mentioned above. VPNCHECK too helps you stay anonymous by shutting down a list of certain programs or by closing your entire network as per your commands each time your VPN Ip is not found.

Using VPNCHECK you can connect with PPTP or even L2TP and the best part about this program is that it runs on windows and also Linux.

Make payments using untraceable currency

When talking about anonymity how you make your payments to your VPN provider is important. I would suggest you switch to a more untraceable form of currency such as Bitcoin. Use Tor to get an anonymous email account and transfer bitcoins using bitcoin mixer.

Also if you are looking to buy bitcoins I would suggest you use Bitcoin-OTC and avoid a simple exchange.

Avoid DNS leaks

When we get a VPN we usually expect traffic to go through a secure line but did you know sometimes DNS leakage leaves you vulnerable? Wondering what this is? This leakage happens each time a DNS query bypasses the routing table and gateway.

To make sure this does not occur I would suggest you use VPNCHECK PRO which comes with an in built DNS leakage checker or just visit Apart from these methods other things like using a good VPN provider too have an impact on the safety of your VPN. So take your time and make the right choice.

5 Advanced Security Tips for Better Safety

Are you worried that someone maybe trying to hack your computer or are you unsure about paying online? Well don’t worry you are not alone and in fact you are quite right to be a little scared but on the bright side there are always ways you can do things more safely. Wondering what? Well here are some awesome secret agent tricks not many people would tell you about.


Virtual credit card numbers for online buying

Love online shopping? Well then then using disposable credit card digits is the ideal way to do it after all its disposable and when it comes to staying anonymous online then this is key. Since the number is different each time not only does tracking become difficult but stealing your id becomes tougher too.

The only problem is that not all banks provide their customers these kinds of cards. So go and give your bank a call.

Keep your info encrypted

If you were a spy you would not need this but my guess if you probably are not and that makes keeping your personal info encrypted all the more important and that can only happen if you have the right encryption tool.

Check out tools like VeraCrypt, BitLocker etc. but once you do find the right one do not start encrypting every xyz thing you have on the internet. Only sensitive data that in the wrong hands can affect you negatively should be encrypted.

Secure your digital devices

Your mobile and your pc or laptop is a footprint of your day to day activities. Now I am pretty sure you cannot afford to buy a new one daily nor I would suggest you start encrypting everything on it. Guess what? There is a better way.

Make sure you keep all your devices password protected. Now I know it may seem like too much work but that’s only until you realize how important it really is.

Surf the net anonymously

So much of our details are on the net that if you really want to be a spy the first and foremost thing you need to do is start surfing it anonymously. For that you can get a good VPN connection or start surfing the net using Tor.

Either of these methods can help you maintain your privacy on the web thus you no longer would have to worry about people snooping in on your chats and other activities.

Keep data in different file type

Ever heard of Steganography? This is a method of hiding things right under the noses of other people and is widely used by secret agents all over.  So the next time you have a file you want to keep a secret trying hiding it if a different file such as an image.

Until and unless the other person is an expert there is no way they are going to know where to look plus most people won’t even realise that you are actually trying to hide something. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Want to download torrent anonymously? Try These!

Are you tired of anti-piracy companies spying your downloads? Well relax you are not the only one around. Loads of people have been looking for ways to get these companies and law firms off their backs and I finally have some good news for you guys, now you can actually do that.


Here are 5 services that will help you stay anonymous while downloading.  Keep in mind that not all of them are free but yes the paid are always better and more reliable so choose wisely.


Don’t mind paying a couple of dollars to stay anonymous? Well in that case VPN is exactly what I would suggest you opt for. Through VPN you can download using their servers that are placed in different parts of the world thus your IP is never actually revealed.

What I really like about VPN is that they not only keep your bit torrent traffic hidden but also your other traffic. Torguard and Private Internet Access are some of the widely used VPN’s so check them out.

BT Guard

Working on different operating systems? Well then BT guard is ideal for you since it runs on windows, mac and even Linux.

This is a proxy service and keeps your IP hidden from others and has been designed especially for bit torrent users and if you are unhappy with bit torrent you can also configure your own client to work with it. Just ensure your client supports stock V5 proxies and you are good to go.

Torrent Privacy

Well if you are looking for a different proxy service then my next suggestion would be torrent privacy. What I really like about this one is that it comes with a customized uTorrent client with all the necessary settings already done.

Got Linux or mac? Well then you might have to look for something else. This proxy service is run by that has been in the industry for quite a few years.


Not willing to pay but still want to be anonymous? Well luckily for you guys Anomos is one of the very few costless services and yes it has some downsides that you should know about. This service may not be compatible with all torrent files and uses its own format known as atorrent.

Apart from that even the download speeds are not constant but if budget is an issue this the best way to go about it.


Last but not the least and probably the most effective way to stay anonymous is seedbox. I have used a Seedbox in the past and trust me this works. Not only do you stay anonymous but downloading at super high speeds and even unlimited bandwidths is now a possibility.

Here you download the torrent to a remote server and from that you can download it to your pc using a high speed http connection.